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Apple Watch 7: A Bigger Screen, Better Battery, And Much More!

This is just a tiny bit of what happened at Apple’s California streaming Event. There were a lot of new updates and product releases, and we aim to update you with all of the news soon. The decision to share the updates regarding the new Apple Watch 7 is exciting because it is actually mind-blowing and marvelous. 

First things first, now iWatch users can use a complete, functioning keyboard on their very own iWatch 7!

The Apple Watch 7 has a full keyboard a bigger screen which allows you to not only view the whole text but also respond to it right then and there. In addition, you can use scribbling/dictation options without going through the hassle of reaching for your phone. Moreover, the starting price for this amazing gadget is only $399. Text and enjoy at the comfort of your Wrist!! Literally. 

Apple decided to introduce modifications in their smartwatch after 7 years, and the wait was worth it. Apple promises 8 hours of usage after only 8 minutes of charging. Yes, it has far faster charging than its predecessor!

Also, it has a crack-resistant crystal front. Anyhow, the battery life still stays the same as last year, which is only 18 hours. This could have been improved. But hey, I guess the other changes overlap this one. 

That’s not all; there are also new colors for the aluminum case. Blue, green, midnight, and starlight join the Product Red/silver/gold options. Moreover, it has a 20% larger screen than the previous iWatch 6 and 50% larger than series 3. Also, the buttons are more prominent, too which makes it easier to tap and use. Apple also says that the screen will fit 50% more texts on the screen, and the display will stay 70% brighter inside in an always-on mode.

The only thing missing in these new smartwatches is that no new health features or sensors have been introduced. Samsung might steal the lead here with their recent Galaxy watch 4 and last year’s Fitbit Sense, where they introduced new health sensors such as body analysis and EDA. Apple will stay behind when talking about new health-related updates unless they start distributing AirPods for free with the purchase of a watch to boost sales. Jokes aside, Apple still remains in the lead and Samsung might have to try harder.

Apple’s watch selection has been gradually improving, mainly as rivals in the wearable market have consolidated. The Apple Watch will use Apple’s Fitness Plus subscription plan, originally launched at the end of last year. At today’s event, Apple also unveiled a new group fitness function. Which allows you to work out with 32 friends at a time. Not only is Apple giving you an opportunity to staying mentally fit by keeping you connected with your loved ones but it also provides you with full-on chances of staying fit.

This was all about the new iWatch series 7. Stay tuned and wait for more updates regarding other gadgets that were introduced at the event today. 

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
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