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Anticipation Grows for Apple Vision Pro Sequel with Promising Upgrades

Apple Vision Pro, still awaiting its first-gen launch, is already generating excitement for its future sequel. Rumors are circulating about the potential improvements the tech giant might introduce in the next generation of Vision Pro, focusing on enhancing comfort, reducing weight, and catering to a broader audience.

In a recent Power On newsletter by renowned Apple insider Mark Gurman for Bloomberg, details emerged regarding Apple’s intentions to address comfort-related concerns with the Vision Pro. Testers’ feedback indicated that the headset’s weight might lead to neck strain, prompting Apple to seek ways to make the next-gen Vision Pro more lightweight and compact.

Apple seems keen on tackling the weight issue as it’s concerned that the initial device’s weight might deter consumers who are already cautious about mixed-reality headsets. Some users find the Vision Pro cumbersome even during shorter periods of use.

Reducing the headset’s weight appears to be the primary objective, with any size reduction expected to be less noticeable and more challenging.

9 to 5 Mac, which brought attention to these developments, noted that Apple had already made the first-gen headset more compact, albeit with a trade-off. The new design doesn’t accommodate prescription glasses, which presents a challenge for users who require corrective eyewear.

To address this concern, Apple plans to implement a prescription lens system that magnetically attaches to the headset’s 4K displays. However, this approach introduces several complications. Retailers would have to stock a vast array of lens prescriptions, making it challenging for customers to find the right fit, whether buying or simply testing the product.

Another downside is that individuals’ glasses prescriptions can change over time, necessitating the purchase of new lenses for the Vision Pro. Apple is considering shipping custom-built headsets with preinstalled prescription lenses, but this approach has challenges.

Gurman raised concerns that built-in prescription lenses could inadvertently turn Apple into a healthcare provider. The company may not want to navigate the complexities of that role. Additionally, this level of customization could hinder users from sharing or reselling their headsets.

The resolution to these glasses-related issues remains uncertain, but it is a matter Apple needs to address in developing the Vision Pro 2.

Analysis: A Long-term Vision for Success

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While early testing feedback suggests that the Vision Pro’s weight may be an issue, our editor-in-chief found the headset “relatively comfortable” during their trial. However, 9 to 5 Mac’s writer noted that extended usage might lead to discomfort. Comfort levels could vary from person to person, but Apple’s apparent intention to reduce weight acknowledges room for improvement in this area.

Ultimately, the Vision Pro’s price remains a significant concern. At the cost of $3,500 in the US (roughly £2,900 or AU$5,500), the price tag is a heavy burden for many potential buyers, especially considering the additional expense of prescription lenses. Apple may find it challenging to attract a broad consumer base at this price point, particularly compared to more affordable mixed reality and VR headsets.

The company is aware of this, and rumors are circulating about the potential release of a more affordable Vision Pro model. A more budget-friendly offering could significantly expand the headset’s market appeal and make it more accessible to a wider audience, which many would consider a fantastic improvement.

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