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The Apple “Unleashed” Event: How to Watch The Mac Event On Monday

After the successful and filled with happiness “California Streaming,” Apple is back with an October event with the name of Apple Unleash Event.” In this event, we will et to witness the new mac books and hopefully some new Airpods too. The event is set to take place this coming Monday on Oct. 18, 2021. Here is how you can watch it live from your home, resting on a comfortable couch. 

Apple’s Macs are about to get an upgrade— Finally!! The tech company is expected to announce the new computers, which are rumored to contain the M1x Apple silicon chips. These new computers follow in the path of last year’s macs that were powered by M1, which were Apple’s first lineup that was not powered by a chip made by intel. Apple has been using a chip similar to the ones they use to power the iPhone. Well, so far, they have been getting nothing but positive reviews for them. 

The new MacBooks have a better and well-regarded battery life. Moreover, iPad and iPhone apps can run on them. They are rumored to use apple’s new M1X chips that are father from the older ones and are expected to overrun the “Pro” computers that contain the Intel chips.

This is another biggest event of the year that Apple has in store for us, promising more great releases. It is happening online due to the ongoing pandemic, which is very considerate of Apple

The Mac books are the highlight of the show and probably what most people are focused on. However, the company might have other surprises in store for their customers. The expected devices include lower-priced AirPods. They are rumored to have the same design as the AirPods pro with the changeable earplug tips. Other than the AirPods, Apple possibly might introduce a smart headset which they have not yet discussed publicly. 

When Will The Event Begin?

The online-only Apple Unleash Event will be Monday at 10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. BST, and Oct. 19 at 4 a.m. AEDT. 

Where Will the Event Take Place?

You can directly stream the event directly from the company’s website. Or through their Youtube (we have provided the live link to event streaming above).

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